Golden State Lifeguards is the number one provider of film production water safety personnel in Los Angeles!


** Golden State Lifeguards has implemented policy updates regarding production assignments. All production managers and coordinators must read…

1. Golden State Lifeguards staff will no longer be subjected to COVID testing as of June 15th, 2021
2. Lifeguards will be prohibited from filling out START paperwork
3. All productions will be invoiced
4. Mileage fees will be included on invoices
5. Call sheets must be emailed to office, not individual lifeguard(s) assigned



Golden State Lifeguards based in the San Fernando Valley offers the most professional and seasoned film production set water safety personnel in all of the Los Angeles region. For years we have had the privilege of working on some fantastic projects with the most dynamic crews. With 14 years in the industry, we are the most trusted source for water safety experts!

When it comes to hiring water safety personnel, you can’t just hire anyone. You need to hire a company that understands the inner workings of filming and what is required to function on the set of a production. Our staff are well versed and experienced with on-set protocols and etiquette. We have established a great relationship with the various agencies and FSO’s in the field that oversee safety. They know we can be trusted to look at every safety angle when it comes to water safety on set. No detail is overlooked!

We provide pool lifeguards and ocean lifeguards for filming. This is what makes us unique! Never assume that a pool lifeguard can do the job of an ocean lifeguard. Both have a different set of training requirements and should never be confused. So never let anyone fool you! We are also on the front lines of educating production managers and coordinators the differences between pool lifeguards and ocean lifeguards. We also educate production companies about pool lifeguard companies passing off pool lifeguards as ocean lifeguards.

If in doubt as to your specific needs, call our office to speak to a production coordinator who will guide you on what is needed for your particular project. We will walk you through from the first call to completion of project.

*Please note that a lifeguard can’t double as a set medic during water filming. An additional set medic is required for filming.


Professional and Experienced!


On the set of HULU’s PEN 15


We provide:

  • Pool Lifeguards
  • Ocean Lifeguards
  • Consultants


Our Credits:



Our Rates:


** For any filming in or around swimming pools
$425.00 Full day (6 to 12 hours) (Pool Lifeguards)
$225.00 Half day (Up to 6 hours) (Pool Lifeguards)

**For any filming in or around lakes, beach or ocean
$525.00 Full day (6 to 12 hours) (Ocean Lifeguards)
$262.50 Half day (Up to 6 hours) (Ocean Lifeguards)

$65.00 per hour for Safety Consultant

$25.00 Per Day Kit Rental fee
No Booking Fees
No Rush Fees
No Out Of Zone Fees
Uniformed and equipped personnel

Golden State Lifeguards will invoice production companies as per company policy, no employee is permitted to fill out START paperwork
*All invoices to be paid according to Net 14 terms (Please call our office for more details)
*Company Deal Memo must be agreed to and signed by AD or PM
**Pursuant to IRS rules, W-9 will be issued for any job over $600.00


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