Since its founding, Golden State Lifeguards has offered ocean lifeguard services in the Southern California region. With no other companies offering specifically ocean lifeguards for private beaches/resorts, events or filming on beaches, there is only one choice. Unlike our pool lifeguard competitors, ocean lifeguard operations is not an area that is easy to get into or desired due to the risks associated with it. This is an area that is specialized and requires an experienced staff to run operations. Don’t be fooled by other pool party providers! There is a difference by way of training and disciplines.


Never allow other companies to attempt to sell you on pool lifeguards to do the job of ocean lifeguards!


Our ocean lifeguard operations is run similarly to that of any municipal agency such as Los Angeles County Lifeguards, Los Angeles City Lifeguards or even State of California lifeguard division. We must abide by all guidelines established by the governing bodies responsible for certifying agencies and advanced lifeguard agencies.

Many of our lifeguards are dually certified Lifeguard/EMT’s and Lifeguard/Paramedics. We operate at the BLS level (basic lifesaving) and are trained to provide medical care on scene of any emergency until fire units, lifeguard units or law enforcement units arrives on scene. Our ocean lifeguards are fully uniformed and equipped according to company policies and SOP’s.

We provide ocean lifeguards for:

  • Private Beach Parties & Events
  • Beach & Surf Camps for Kids
  • Productions (Beach/Ocean)
  • Private Beach Clubs/Resorts/Hotels
  • Private Beach Communities
  • Boat & Dive Charters

Coverage Areas:

  • Orange County
  • Los Angeles County
  • Ventura County

Ocean Lifeguard rates:

  • $65.00 per hour, per lifeguard
  • If lifeguards must travel outside of Los Angeles County, lodging, meals and travel expenses may be assessed in addition to hourly rate. (Call our office for details)

Golden State Lifeguards will be applying to be an authorized Los Angeles County AED provider agency in the spring of 2020. As such we will utilize our medical director to oversee training and to make sure that the level of care is given in accordance with all state and federal agencies.

We also offer lifeguard/medics for whale watching tours, boat charters and dive charters along the Southern California coast. While many think that charters are harmless, anything can happen such as a dive injury, animal attack or someone falling overboard. It makes sense to have an on board ocean lifeguard to initiate a rescue or to render emergency medical care to an injured passenger or diver. Often times we are contracted to standby on private yachts.

If you are interested in contracting ocean lifeguards for your facility, event or charter, please email us at info@goldenstatelifeguards.com

We are the official lifeguard provider for the Duchess Yacht Charter and Legend Yacht Charter (Marina Del Rey, CA)


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