Golden State Lifeguards Now Offering Ocean Safety Personnel For Yacht & Dive Charters

As Golden State Lifeguards continues to expand and refine its services, we are proud to announce that we are offering ocean safety services to yacht and boat charters out of Marina Del Rey as well as Oxnard/Ventura Harbor. We will eventually be pushing as far north as Santa Barbara to offer these exclusive services.

Through an aggressive educational initiative, we have been reaching out to boat charter captains and speaking to them on the importance of having water safety personnel on board in case of an emergency. Having trained lifeguards on board familiar with boating and ocean conditions is a valuable asset for the many captains we have spoken to. The response has been very positive!

Since we started our campaign, we have secured three new contracts with yacht charter companies out of Marina Del Rey. The contracts are year-round and we are prepared to deliver.

The charters we have secured primarily leave Marina Del Rey and typically stay close to shore. Their usual runs are from the Marina to Malibu and back. They will also anchor in or near Paradise Cove to allow guests to swim in the water or use kayaks and paddle boards. Rarely but when needed, our lifeguards will be aboard for those trips to Catalina Island.

From time to time a lifeguard may be needed to assist a swimmer in distress, a man overboard, wildlife injury or a dive injury. Golden State Lifeguards works to ensure that the staff are aware of certain procedures and protocols especially if Los Angeles County Lifeguards or U.S Coast Guard are needed to assist in a dire situation. Having and cultivating a good working relationship with the respective agencies is paramount.

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In Hawaii, there is a bill making its way to the state legislature that will require boat charters (whale watching, private/corporate charters & dive boats) to have a certified lifeguard on board. Our position is that is a good idea however the state legislature should consider that pool lifeguards are not ocean lifeguards. Lifeguards should also be trained as EMT’s or higher. We are already beating Hawaii to the punch by pushing this here on the Southern California coast.

Here is a link to the story:

Bill seeks lifeguards for tour boats

For more information, you may call our offices at 747-444-1035 or email us at

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