Stop The Bleed



This is probably one of the most important classes you will take and this particular class goes “hand in hand” with any active shooter training being offered. More and more people are being encouraged to take active shooter classes with local law enforcement agencies such as LAPD or LASD however there are those who want to take their training to the next level.

Ok, so you have been involved in an active shooter incident. You see injured people who may be severely bleeding. What do you do? Our “Stop The Bleed” training will teach you how to render lifesaving aid to those who may be bleeding severely with the use of items and/or tourniquet to stop that bleeding. The difference could mean life or death.

Although we stress the active shooter scenario, severe bleeding can occur anywhere such as a traffic collision, a knife accident or even a surfing accident to name a few. No matter what the situation may be, having this lifesaving training could mean the difference between life or death for someone who is bleeding profusely (arterial).

Our goal is to empower people to be more than just bystanders!

Our classes are taught by career lifeguard/medics with years of real world experience and through engaging content including interactive training ensures retention of material being presented.

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Lifesaving Stop the Bleed campaign launched - Industrial Safety News Magazine


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