Now more than ever disaster preparedness is on the minds of people everywhere but for us especially here in Southern California as a major disaster is unfolding right now that many may not even be aware of or care to understand. Disasters, whether natural or man-made are a fact of life but having the tools and the resources are key to survival.

Most people think of disasters such as earthquakes, flooding, tornadoes or even hurricanes. There is a new disaster that is developing especially here in the Southern California region but it is coming to the rest of America soon. The disaster we speak of is that first responders such as firefighters, paramedics, nurses and others are being terminated for not getting the vaccine. This will greatly impact any future response to major disasters and will leave many people and communities on their own in the aftermath of a disaster.

Read about the disaster unfolding now:
Forced Firefighter Vaccine Mandates To Thrust Los Angeles Into Chaos!

Now is the time to get you and your family prepared. You need to come up with a plan and acquire what is needed to survive a disaster. We offer experts in disaster preparedness who can train you, your family or even groups on what to do to prepare for anything that may cross your path.

It is no secret that as Southern Californians, living in earthquake country is a fact of life. This also includes living in wildfire country. Being prepared for such disasters will allow for faster recovery and lead to positive outcomes.

We offer training in the following:

  • Earthquake Preparedness
    – Before Active Shaking
    – During Active Shaking
    – After Shaking
  • Wildfire Preparedness
  • How to respond in a medical emergency
    CPR/First Aid
    Stop The Bleed
  • What supplies you need to survive
    – Bugout Packs
    – Food & Water Supplies



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