CPR & AED Certification



How many friends, family or co-workers do you know that are CPR/AED certified? Chances are very few will admit to ever learning CPR that could potentially save the life of a person suffering from cardiac/respiratory arrest. This is tragic to say the least! The failure to learn CPR has also been complicated by the COVID19 scare and we are actively educating people on why they learn CPR regardless.

Every day people suffer cardiac/respiratory arrest all over the nation and sadly many die because no bystanders knew how to administer CPR which could have made the difference between life or death. If a friend or family member collapsed due to cardiac arrest and you did not know how to render aid, we imagine that you would want someone standing by who knows CPR to intervene.

We now offer a fun and unique way for people to learn CPR outdoors. What better way to learn CPR and enjoy outdoor locations such as the beach or at a park in the open air enjoying sunshine? Our training classes are NOW offered at Santa Monica North between Tower 2 and Tower 18. This location offers the perfect solution allowing for distancing.

Our CPR party package includes the following:

  • Interactive CPR/AED Training
  • All training provided by professional Lifeguard/Medics
  • Certification is valid for 2 years
  • Outdoor locations, 6 person maximum to ensure distancing.
  • Training classes scheduled mornings at Santa Monica North
  • $65.00 per student

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