To Pool Party or Not? (So. California)

The question being asked today by moms and event planners is whether or not to host a pool party in the COVID age and especially going into the year 2021. With so much uncertainty, that is a legitimate question to ask. This needs to be asked especially when so many kids (the innocent victims and hardest hit) have been locked out of school, locked out of school sports and activities for so long. What was supposed to be “two weeks to slow the spread” has now become nothing more than draconian measures lasting into its tenth month that will have a long lasting mental impact on kids going forward. The state of California has agreed to keep the playgrounds open which is a good sign but not enough. Kids need to be active to stay healthy mentally and physically.

Pool parties that were once rampant before the lockdowns were a great way for kids and their friends to socialize in a safe environment under the watchful eye of lifeguards. Parents could socialize and know the kids were having a safe time with friends. Pool parties were and are a great way to release tons of stress in a positive manner. We will not lie but we would like to see a return of pool parties in the Southern California region and would like to see kids having fun again instead of under “house arrest”.

To illustrate the damage that is being done mentally to the kids is a story that came out recently about an 11 year old boy in Northern California who apparently committed suicide while zooming in for school. What a tragedy! This is a scenario that could have been prevented! Sadly, this may not be the first time or the last time we may hear of something like this. We can’t even imagine the stress and depression that kids are experiencing at such a young age.

Ok, so you want to throw a pool party. A small pool party would hardly be considered a “super spreader” event that MSM would like for you to believe and you should not be fearful of law enforcement officers knocking at your door. Most police agencies and their chiefs have stated that they will not be enforcing Governor Newsom’s orders which they have admitted are over reaching. The only issue you may have is a grumpy neighbor attempting to report you to the principle so to speak.

As we learn more about the corona virus it is being reported that kids are not being affected by the virus and in fact they are not transmitting the virus as previously thought which is why so many are asking for schools to be reopened. In regards to pool parties, the virus has not been shown to spread through the water. The virus itself has a 99% recovery rate and we have been saying that it is not a matter of “if” you get the virus but “when”.

“If you are going to socialize or have any gatherings, you need to do it outside,” said Dean Blumberg, chief of pediatric infectious diseases at UC Davis Children’s Hospital. “Being outside helps because the air flow dilutes the virus. That’s why it’s so important to social distance. It will provide a great deal of protection outside.”

We believe with the right precautions; you can have a safe and fun pool party by implementing the following:

  1. Social distancing
  2. Masks unless swimming
  3. Keep it outdoors
  4. Leave out hand sanitizer
  5. Disposable napkins, plates and utensils
  6. Catered food

**Our lifeguard staff abide by CDC recommendations and will show up masked. They are instructed to socially distance themselves unless a rescue or assist must be initiated.

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