Southern California (Los Angeles County) Reopening!!

As of this post it appears that the Los Angeles County health department with direction from Governor Gavin Newsom ( is to begin reopening up the region. While this is good news the timing is suspect and commentaries will be left to political analysts to discuss at length on other venues.

LA County Reopening


With the reopening of the region means that the events and film production industry will slowly come back with a vengeance. This would certainly be a great thing for the region considering the past year has caused everything to come to a grinding halt resulting in businesses being shuttered permanently not to mention the closure of schools.

The reopening is good news for all those moms who would like to start planning those pool parties or beach parties for the kids again. Many have reached out saying the kids are absolutely stir crazy being home from school and not being able to be with friends. This is hopefully all about to change and we are looking forward to seeing/hearing the kids have fun in the water again. We also realize that demand for our services will be extremely high which is why we are bolstering our staff to accommodate the influx of bookings.

If you are planning or would like to plan a pool party here is some useful information for you:

  • Private gatherings are now allowed but limited to three households with a total number of 20-25 in attendance, outdoors only. This is hardly considered a super spreader event and with the reopening order law enforcement will not enforce gathering restrictions.
  • Masks can be worn however if engaged in active swimming not necessary. Masks should not be worn in the water while swimming.
  • Beware of lifeguard companies or freelance lifeguards engaging in price gouging as a means to make up for the COVID losses. Pool party hosts should never pay more than $65.00 per hour.
  • Never pay a deposit (partial or full) to book a lifeguard.
  • Watch out for companies that charge cancellation fees, booking fees, same day (rush) booking fees, etc.

We are looking forward to the recovery and excited at the prospect of being part of some amazing family gatherings!!

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