Lifeguard shortage severely impacting business operations in Southern California


We are writing this blog in response to a critical lifeguard shortage in the Southern California region that is severely impacting operations here at Golden State Lifeguards. We are writing this blog to inform our past, current and future clients of what to expect going forward in terms of booking lifeguards for pool parties or any other type of event.

We all know that for the past year the COVID lockdowns basically turned life upside down for everyone and we are experiencing the dire consequences of such lockdowns.

What is contributing to the severe lifeguard shortage? To put it bluntly, it can be directly attributed to the Federal Government and State Government handouts (aka; unemployment benefits) that many viable lifeguard candidates are receiving in lieu of working. In many cases lifeguards are choosing to live on unemployment rather than to work. This has made recruitment extremely difficult and as of this post we are only able to fulfill up to 50% of lifeguard bookings. Our estimates indicate that things will not get any better until the Federal and State Government end the free money giveaway forcing lifeguards to seek work to live.

Traditionally we have been able to fulfill 100% of all inquiries but this year we have had to turn away at least 50% of the inquiries due to the shortage. It pains us to have to turn away clients because no one else can deliver the quality we offer and have been offering since 2006. We estimate we may not be able to get back to 100% operational status until the 2022 season.

We would like to apologize to our clients and ask for understanding.

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