Having a Poolside Event With No Swimming? We Have Poolside Monitors!

As the summer pool party season begins to enter into its last month, Golden State Lifeguards is now setting its sights on the fall and winter here in Southern California by focusing on its team of poolside monitors for those upcoming poolside events. That is to say any event that is poolside and an event where swimming will not be part of the event.

This benefit of this service is that anyone such as an event planner putting together an event around a pool such as a wedding reception or even a Mitzvah will have the peace of mind of knowing that a monitor will ensure that guests do not enter the pool or will ensure that guests do not walk too close to the edge of the pool especially if alcohol is being consumed.

Over the years we have seen people fall into pools because they did judge the edge adequately or they were intoxicated. We have seen kids fall in because they were playing too close to the edge. Keep in mind that these were events that our staff were in attendance and not on the job. Had there been a poolside monitor, these little mishaps could have been prevented. Some of those incidents could have turned tragic such as a party in Atlanta where a man was accidentally pushed into a pool and drowned because he did not know how to swim.

As a year round lifeguard operation, this has become a valuable service to those who utilize this solution. Our poolside monitors are usually off-duty lifeguards who arrive at events in a station uniform (no shorts and uniform t-shirt), class A dress uniform to display our authority as preventive personnel.

So far this year we have seen a steep incline of bookings and inquiries for poolside monitors for events coming during the holiday season (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas). Where are all the calls coming from? They are coming from hotels, resorts, private homeowners, event planners and coordinators, etc. These calls are coming in from all areas of Southern California such as the San Fernando Valley, Conejo Valley and even West Los Angeles. This fall/winter, we will be quite busy and we are grateful to those who recognize the value of what we offer.

If you are interested in a poolside monitor, please call our offices at 747-444-1035 or email us at bookings@goldenstatelifeguards.com

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