Golden State Lifeguards To Come Back Stronger in 2021

Well here we are in the middle of November 2020 as this endless summer begins to come to a close for us. In just a few weeks our fall/winter break will begin allowing us to plan/prepare for the 2021 season which by the way is shaping up to be the busiest ever as California opens up from the lockdowns. (11/12/2020 UPDATE: Gov. Newsom and City of Los Angeles are threatening renewed lockdowns)

We have already said goodbye to many of our lifeguards on staff who have left for school and to those who simply can’t adjust to the new changes that are coming requiring much more accountability and responsibilities. Despite losing a few, we still have many who are available year round and we are currently preparing to hire many more lifeguards in anticipation of increased demand for the 2021 season.

As anyone reading this is aware, we have endured the worst year ever due to the coronavirus and for many this has marked the end of many businesses including a few of our former competitors. Despite the lockdowns, we remained open for business as first responders. 2020 was slated to be our busiest year in history however the virus and the California Governor (Gavin Newsom) had other plans. All of our bookings had to be wiped off our calendars and for three months we were in limbo. Luckily in June, we were able to return to Santa Monica North and resume beach lifeguard services.

As of this post, our focus remains high in the Ventura and Orange County regions as they have lifted many restrictions that were in place. Unfortunately, Los Angeles County and Los Angeles City continue to have many restrictions in place for the foreseeable future. We sincerely hope that everything in this region begins to open up even more (and soon) so everybody can get back to their lives. The losers in the lockdowns and closures are the kids who need to spend time with their friends. They need to have fun!

Although we have lost all of our pool party business this year, we have been kept very busy with beach operations, yacht charter operations and production set safety.  These three areas have kept our staff working and have kept us alive during this horrible year. We were not about to be put out of business as so many rely on our staff to keep watch over their kids, guests or cast/crew.

So what is in store for 2021:

  • We will continue to provide beach rescue services in Santa Monica and expand to other areas along the coast
  • We will continue to provide production set water safety and already booked for Spring 2021
  • We will continue to offer pool party and beach party/event lifeguards
  • We will be reintroducing pool party and beach party game coaches for kids
  • We will be offering classes and seminars to the general public on various topics


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