Golden State Lifeguards Hiring 2022 Pool & Beach Personnel

The New Year 2022 is shaping up to be a busy year in the Southern California region compared to the years 2020 & 2021 in terms of pool party bookings and beach lifeguard services. The feedback we have been receiving as of this post is that many are dreadfully COVID fatigued and want to enjoy themselves outdoors this year. Well, needless to say we don’t blame them one bit.

In anticipation of increased demand for services, we are running an aggressive recruiting campaign to hire enough pool and beach lifeguards for the coming season and beyond. Our success has always depended on recruiting enough lifeguards however the last few years have proven quite challenging as many viable candidates were offered free handouts for not working setting a dangerous precedent during the national emergency. The real challenge is reversing the conditioning and showing candidates that the job of lifeguard is a gateway to other careers in the fire service or law enforcement.

We are now recruiting lifeguards to cover Orange County, Los Angeles County, Ventura County and now Santa Barbara County. Last year was a breakthrough year for us as we gained the community of Montecito, CA and expect that demand in that region will increase significantly. Additionally, we expect the Thousand Oaks region to be very heavy this year in terms of pool party bookings. We are looking forward to this.

What are we looking for? We are first and foremost seeking to find mature and responsible lifeguards who understand that the job is not about getting the perfect tan or trying to score the hottest guy/girl on the job. We are in fact looking for lifeguards who understand that their actions will prevent a drowning from occurring on their watch. This is a serious job that requires a great deal of focus unlike what the movie industry would otherwise suggest. In fact since 2006, most of our lifeguards have been over 21 years of age and work concurrently with other municipal agencies on a daily basis.

The one thing different this year with recruiting is our commitment to candidates that we will not require proof of COVID vaccination for employment and we will not comply with mandates. We will also never ask about vaccination status. Our position is it is your body, your choice however there is a worry that a vaccinated lifeguard could fall ill on the job as seen in the fire service. That remains to be seen.

We are accepting lateral candidates who currently work for Los Angeles County Lifeguards, Los Angeles City Aquatics and even California State Lifeguards. The thing we are watching closely is how many applicants are those who have been terminated from their jobs for not complying with the vaccine mandates. Unlike firefighters and police officers who are vocal about the terminations, lifeguards are eerily quiet on this front.

Any candidates should email their resumes to

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