Forced Firefighter Vaccine Mandates To Thrust Los Angeles Into Chaos!

LAFD and LACoFD firefighters as well as numerous other departments are facing a deadline to either get vaccinated or get terminated from their jobs. For some this means being terminated from a job they have given many years of blood, sweat and tears to. The latest number of LAFD firefighters who have not taken the jab stands at approximately 800 however that number could grow to up to 1000 firefighters. The LAFD website states it has a force of 3,400 personnel and if let’s say that they terminated 1000 firefighters, that would be 30% of the force that will be terminated as of December 18th. This is frightening!!

Battalion Chief Kilpatrick holding up his walking papers.

Firefighters with LAFD and LACoFD are in the legal fight of their lives against the city/county of Los Angeles and we believe that Los Angeles County Lifeguards are involved as they are County Fire employees as well. 800 of the finest firefighters are standing up against the mandates which encroach on their right to choose whether or not they get the vaccine. Although the courts have stopped OSHA and Washington D.C. from implementing the vaccine mandates on businesses, it does give hope to firefighters that the lawsuits and courts will step in to save 1000’s of jobs. It would seem that at some level the vaccine mandates are beginning to crumble.

LA City Firefighters Union Files Lawsuit To Block COVID Vaccine Mandate

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“We Will Not Comply” – Thousands – Including City Workers, LAPD Officers, and Firefighters – Gather Outside Los Angeles City Hall to Protest Upcoming Deadline for Covid Vaccine Mandates – (VIDEO)

The vaccine mandates not only affect firefighters but also affects lifeguards, police, sanitation and even water & power. Basically every department will be affected thrusting the city into chaos and it appears that Mayor Garcetti, Los Angeles City Council and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors do not care one bit. They are ignoring the protests, the legal challenges and have turned a deaf ear. They believe in ruling by decree, thumbing their noses at the U.S. Constitution and making decisions based on faulty “science”.

With some firefighters already being placed on leave without pay, we are sounding the alarm on the disaster in the works. Why does this matter to you?

When the terminations go into effect on December 18th for City employees, this will affect the entire chain of survival from the 911 call (if you can get through), to response times to definitive care. This will also affect responses to structure and brush fires. There will be firefighter shortages and paramedic shortages that will contribute to poor outcomes such as loss of life or property.

As a result to what is about to unfold, we are telling citizens to prepare for what is coming. We are telling people to get trained in CPR, first aid and even disaster preparedness. People may need to step up into a lifesaving role and could be the difference between life or death for someone. At the same time the good Samaritan laws will need to be updated as well to consider the reality of what is coming.

At this time we are hiring instructors to teach CPR, first aid and disaster preparedness as we anticipate a surge of interest in such training classes. If we can make a difference in this chaos, it will be done through our training division. Our goal is get people trained and ready for the chaos!

It does not matter what your affiliation and if you want to preserve the jobs of first responders who may one day have to show up at your home to assist you then we encourage you to reach out to city officials:

Mayor Eric Garcetti
200 N. Spring St.,
Los Angeles, CA 90012


Mike Feuer
Los Angeles City Attorney
(213) 978-8100
Email the City Attorney’s Office
City Hall East, Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90012


Nury Martinez
City Council President
(213) 473-7006

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