COVID19 Pool Monitors – HOA Pools

As of this post, Southern California HOA (Homeowners Association) pools have been given the green light to re-open as per guidelines established by local, state and federal authorities. As a result, numerous HOA’s have called our offices to secure “COVID19 Pool Monitors” to be in compliance with pool re-openings. Our phone lines and emails have never seen such activity like this before. This is now a thing!

Many HOA’s are facing a dilemma in that many residents are complaining about the closures and want the pools open yet there are some residents who want the pools to remain closed out of fear. Based on our conversation with many HOA representatives, the majority of residents want pools to re-open again. So for many, the decision to re-open the community pools is the reason that we have been getting so many inquiries all over the Southern California region.


To be quite honest we never put much thought into offering “COVID19 Pool Monitor Services” as our main focus has primarily been on pool party lifeguards and ocean/beach services however with demand so high we conceded that this may be a way of life going forward in the COVID19 era. As a company, we have to be very fluid in these challenging times and when a need arises, we aim to fulfill those needs. What solidified this decision to offer this new service is that as we talked to HOA representatives, they expressed their frustration in reaching out to other competitors only to be ignored or find that many have gone out of business. This in and of itself confirmed what we already knew which is that the lockdowns had indeed crippled many of our competitors.

So what are “COVID19 Pool Monitors”? First and foremost they are not certified lifeguards. They are not responsible for swimming safety and/or making rescues. They are part of a new division solely responsible for ensuring compliancy with pool re-openings. This means monitoring guests coming and going from the pool facility, encouraging masks and social distancing, taking temps (if requested by HOA), etc. etc. Each HOA has its own idea of how they want to re-open the pools and we simply take direction from them. All their re-openings have been checked over by their legal team and when ready to proceed, we step in to assist.

After speaking with many friends and colleagues, we came to the conclusion that this way of life will be with us all for a very long time with no end in sight. Some say this will be the new normal and we certainly hope not. We just like so many others want the state of the aquatics industry to bounce back to normal levels pre-COVID.

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