Beware of Price Gougers – California

Our staff have been busy scouring the web to see who is still standing after a year of lockdowns and stay at home orders among the private lifeguard providers right here in the Southern California region. Our initial research has revealed that that quite a few have closed up shop, some have suspended services and some have opted to go a different route such as strictly online CPR training. What this means is that only a few will survive creating a void in the aquatics safety arena.

The California lockdowns and stay at home orders have destroyed the pool party industry but we are cautiously optimistic that the industry will rebound here in the region but highly unlikely due to the political climate that exists. The New Year 2021 remains in play but how it will turn out is anyone’s guess. We believe that with the proper precautions, many can and should plan small pool parties.

For the few remaining companies left and as a result of the lockdowns as well as lack of business, many will attempt to make up the losses by raising rates on lifeguard services. Many will resort to price gouging and will attempt to justify their rate increases on COVID19. Is this right? That would be a resounding NO!

For example while conducting our market research we came across a company who shall not be named charging $360.00 for a three hour pool party or production which amounts to be $120.00 per hour. That rate is double the industry standard and at that price has outpriced a middle-income household for the same services offered by other reputable companies. If that is not price gouging, we don’t know what is! We should also note that we were able to identify others charging in excess of $100.00 per hour for lifeguard services.

If a lifeguard provider is charging over $65.00 per hour for pool lifeguard services should be someone to avoid and should be red flagged among your friends, family and colleagues. Since 2006 we have only had a rate increase of $10.00 hourly (Formerly $55.00 per hour) making us come in at the top with $65.00 per hour. We have vowed to freeze our rates for the foreseeable future and not only that we are the only company who have offered very generous discounts through certain programs for those needing lifeguard services. Our goal has always been to be as affordable as possible and to offer the most professional services in the region. Our experience and credentials are unmatched!

Lastly, most companies demand payment or deposits up front with no guarantee of a lifeguard for your event. Yelp reviews of other companies can corroborate our claim. We have never required any deposits or full payment up front. We never make promises or guarantees that we can’t keep and most of our clients will attest to that.

If you are considering a pool party lifeguard service, please remember this blog and we invite you to call our offices for your needs.

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