Another Drowning at a High School in Detroit

And once again here we are talking about another drowning at a high school swimming pool but this takes us to Mumford High School in Detroit. Despite raising concerns, the drownings continue to occur at high schools across the nation and parents must raise their voices even louder to get the attention this subject demands.

Mumford High School

As reported by, a student was pronounced dead at a local hospital after being found submerged in the school’s swimming pool. The student was identified as 16 year old Deshawn Blanding. Once found, the student was pulled from the water and a certified swim instructor administered CPR before local paramedics took over care and transported.

Reports state that an investigation is ongoing and results of that investigation will be released at some point. It also states that any and all persons found to be responsible for the death of the student will be held accountable. We have learned that the swim instructor who has not been publicly named was put on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

This investigation will be hampered by the fact there are no cameras in the pool facility to see exactly what had happened that contributed to the death of the student.

According to the student’s mother, he was a “good swimmer” and she is absolutely livid as to how this drowning occurred. Even more troubling is the fact that school officials have not reached out to her directly but instead issued a statement through the local media.

There is not a lot of information so far but does raise concerns and questions.

  1. Just prior to the discovery of the student, what classes or activities were taking place in the pool.
  2. Why was there no personnel on the deck when this drowning happened?
  3. Why were there no lifeguards on the deck?
  4. Did the 16 year old have any medical conditions such as epilepsy that could have been a factor?
  5. Were there locked doors to the pool facility or was access open at all times?

This is not the first incident that has raised the issue of the absence of lifeguards on the deck during operating hours. In fact we have commented on other incidents where lifeguards were not on the deck. The common thread is that lifeguards were never on the deck in the previous cases that we have seen and that is a serious issue to discuss.

Once again we are calling on school districts all over the nation to staff school swimming facilities with lifeguards at all times. There is no excuse not to have trained and skilled lifeguards on the deck that could prevent such drownings.


For media inquiries, contact:
Lifeguard Chief E. Castillo

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