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It never fails to amaze us how every year at this time we receive phone calls from event promoters throwing those holiday and new year’s eve poolside events/parties in Southern California but some of the inquiries are quite maddening. Some of the calls are downright comical and often times insulting to say the least.

While it is not unusual to get calls from event promoters, there are some promoters who absolutely tick us off forcing us to dismiss their inquiries altogether. You must be thinking what could they say to tick us off so bad? Well, allow us to explain:

From time to time we will get calls from event promoters seeking to hire as they say, “the hottest girl or guy you have” to be lifeguards at events they are promoting. As soon as we hear this statement or anything similar, raises red flags. What we hear is “I don’t care if they are lifeguards or not, I want eye candy around the pool”. The problem is that at this point we surmise and have been right about our preliminary assessment in the past that the event promoter is not concerned with safety as much as ensuring they have “beautiful” people to adorn the pool area. Their goal is to make the pool area as visually appealing as possible. Typically, after talking with them, we will suggest they search or post ads on Craigslist for poolside models pretending to be lifeguards. They are a dime a dozen!

This now brings us to the main point of this blog which is that we are not a modeling agency! We are a company that employs real lifeguards with years of experience as lifesavers. Our staff take their jobs very seriously. That is to say that they are devoted to water safety and drowning prevention. As a company, we spend countless hours of training in pools and at the beach to prepare for different types of situations. This is what we do! This will never change!

Hollywood is partly to blame for the calls we get as it has portrayed lifeguards as sex crazed guys and girls with hot bodies as seen in television shows like Baywatch and more recently the Baywatch movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The public perception must change when it comes to lifeguards in general. We are also grappling with the repercussions of incidents of other lifeguards giving good lifeguards a bad reputation. This will be a blog for another time.

So what happens when an event promoter decides to put safety aside and hire those fake lifeguards? What could happen is someone actually does fall into a pool or someone gets injured at an event. What then? The event promoter could lose everything through lawsuits to follow. You now have a situation where assistance or medical care is delayed because there are no lifeguard/medics on deck. It is no secret that when someone calls 911, there is usually a lag time which could cost minutes when time is of the essence. Did you know that if someone collapses due to cardiac arrest they have 2 to 3 minutes in which CPR must be initiated and in 4 to 6 minutes they could be dead if no CPR is given. A normal response time by fire department can be anywhere from 5 to 7 minutes depending on weather and traffic conditions. Let that sink in!

As we are now in the thick of the holiday party season, we are encouraging promoters to take safety seriously especially at poolside events in the Los Angeles region. If you still want fake lifeguards, Craigslist is waiting for you!

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