CPR & AED Certification


How many friends, family or co-workers do you know that are CPR/AED certified? Chances are very few will admit to ever learning CPR that could potentially save the life of a person suffering from cardiac/respiratory arrest. This is tragic to say the least!

Every day people suffer cardiac/respiratory arrest all over the nation and sadly many die because no bystanders knew how to administer CPR which could have made the difference between life or death. If a friend or family member collapsed due to cardiac arrest, we imagine that you would want someone standing by who knows CPR.

We now offer a fun and unique way for people to learn CPR outdoors. What better way to learn CPR and enjoy an outdoor locations such as the beach or at a park?

Our CPR party package includes the following:

  • Interactive CPR/AED Training
  • All training provided by professional Lifeguard/Medics
  • Certification is valid for 2 years
  • Outdoor locations optimal for distancing

To book your CPR training, call our offices or email us at bookings@goldenstatelifeguards.com



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