Southern California Pool Party Season – March 2019

Soon and in a matter of weeks the 2019 pool party season will be upon Southern California. Golden State Lifeguards has been slowly bolstering its lifeguard staff to handle the influx of pool party bookings that will be coming in soon. In fact, the bookings have already started coming in as we prepare this blog. The company has also been working hard behind the scenes to offer more services aimed at helping those busy moms out there who have limited time to plan those pool parties in addition to other great things. We are very excited about what the new season will bring and we are especially excited about our new expansion to cover the Las Vegas region this upcoming season.

One of the biggest changes that many loyal clients will see is that we are re-branding our website and social media to be more relevant and more appealing. After so many years of using our original branding, we felt it was time to freshen things up a bit and to make necessary changes. Part of our re-branding also meant that we had to eliminate some services such as ocean lifeguard operations and training classes that did not fare well at all in this market.

We will continue to offer the most professional lifeguard service that so many loyal clients have come to expect over the years and that will never change. We hope to hire more professional lifeguards to our staff that will continue to carry out our mission and goals of protecting swimmers from injury and/or drownings.

This upcoming season and for the first time, the company will spend a good deal of time trying to get local media and national trade magazines to get wind of what we are doing here. We will be seeking increased exposure to get people to understand that we exist to provide safety services for aquatic events and for production set water safety. To this day many often state that they did not know we exist otherwise they would have hired our lifeguards to provide coverage for their events.

We have already started increasing the number of blogs we post focusing on troubling trends in drownings and on lifeguard issues. This new change has put Golden State Lifeguards on the national map as experts in the field of drowning prevention/awareness. Our goal is to make people aware of something that is 100% preventable and exposing the many problems that contribute to the increased drownings especially at many schools all over the United States. We have also begun to expose problems within the pool lifeguard culture as well such as lapses in lifeguard training to negligent lifeguards.

So, what do we have in store for the new season?

  • Pool Party Event Planning

We are now offering full-service pool party event planning that will help those busy moms or anyone that needs help with all their planning needs. We will offer packages to include catering, entertainment and of course lifeguards for any type of aquatic event in the Los Angeles region. Whatever may be needed to create a dynamic pool party is what we will provide or assist with. We know that this service will be well received and we have partnered with so many event professionals to make this happen.

  • Mermaids

In the past we have tried to partner with other companies providing mermaid entertainment however we found that it became too cost prohibitive for us as well as clients. We are now seeking to hire in-house mermaids and will create a much more affordable price structure allowing just about anyone to have mermaids at their events. We will continue to provide mermaids for entertainment industry events and corporate events in the Southern California region.

  • Las Vegas Pool Party Lifeguards

As 2020 fast approaches and with the implementation of the new California rationing laws ( we have started to expand to other regions with the first being the Las Vegas area and then to other cities in Arizona and Texas. This will of course force us to change our name as we move to a larger corporate structure. This move may be necessary as the new California law will most likely have a devastating effect on the swimming pool industry.

  • Independent Lifeguard Auditing & Consulting

This year our Lifeguard Chief will be working to offer independent auditing and consulting services to major resorts and hotels especially in the Las Vegas region. (

This is a result of so many instances of lifeguards not performing their duties due to poor training or so many facilities not adequately staffing lifeguards resulting in needless drownings such as the Elise Cerami or Ben Curry incidents.

Chief Castillo has a burning desire to raise the bar in the industry and will not be afraid to call out lifeguards who are not cutting it. He hopes to get the major resorts to start looking at lifeguards with a new lens and in doing so to avoid any costly lawsuits that may arise as a result of a negligent lifeguard.


If you are interested in any of the services that we offer, we invite you to contact us at 747-444-1035 or to email us with any inquiries at

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