COVID19 – Pool Facility Monitors

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California has implemented strict orders on HOA community pools (indoor/outdoor) in regards to keeping them open and in use during the lockdowns throughout the state. Many pools are scrambling on how to keep them open according to CDC and local health department guidelines however many are considering COVID pool monitors. This is where we come in!

Outdoor areas are believed to have a lower risk of COVID transmission than indoor spaces. So if the pool you operate is outside, the risk of COVID-19 is decreased. Also, there’s no evidence that the COVID spreads through water in pools (or hot tubs, spas, or water play areas), per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

COVID is a respiratory illness, which means it spreads when droplets from the mouth or nose fly through the air. So anywhere people are interacting with others who are talking, coughing, or sneezing—even if you’re in the water—puts people at risk of inhaling a droplet from an infected person.

Te biggest risk of going to the pool lies out of the water. There can be crowded conditions and common touch surfaces (like the deck and the locker room) that may provide an opportunity for the virus to transmit. This is where our COVID monitors step in to ensure that guests are social distancing and wearing masks when not swimming. We also enforce capacity limits for pool facilities as per guidelines.

Our roles as monitors include the following:

  • Ensures capacity limits are enforced
  • Ensures that social distancing is being adhered to
  • Ensures that masks are being worn (when not swimming)
  • Maintain sign-in/sign-out sheets
  • Work with maintenance to ensure proper sanitizing of common areas
  • Up to date on latest changes to protocols and guidelines


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