Lifeguard Chief Castillo – Independent Auditing & Consulting

Lifeguard Chief Ed Castillo of Golden State Lifeguards has announced his intention to offer independent auditing and consulting services nationwide but primarily targeting Las Vegas resorts that hire hundreds of lifeguards annually.

Chief Castillo has been a staunch advocate for raising the bar among pool lifeguards through education and training, calling on lifeguard instructors to raise their expectations of all trainees. He is also calling for an increase in total initial hours of training from 24 to 48 hours with more focus on surveillance and to implement scenario based training. He is also calling for an increase in the minimum age for lifeguard certification from 15 to 18 years of age. All efforts should be directed in producing more qualified lifeguards nationally.

Chief Castillo also seeks to speak to school district officials nationally on the importance of placing trained lifeguards at school sanctioned swim activities as part of physical education classes. This subject has become part of a national conversation with the rise of drownings at school events.

During the past few years there have been numerous stories of drowning in the presence of lifeguards and stories of drownings where lifeguards were not present such as the Elise Cerami drowning at a Texas school. The drownings that did occur in the presence of lifeguards were due in part to poor initial training, age and maturity of lifeguards as well as other factors. Facilities that hire lifeguards should always hire an independent auditor or consultant to evaluate the effectiveness of lifeguards.

Additionally, Chief Castillo seeks to empower others to start private lifeguard companies where there is demand for such services as private pool party lifeguards. Often, many kid’s pool parties are without lifeguards present increasing the risk of accidental drowning that would otherwise be prevented with a professional lifeguard on the deck.

All auditing and consulting services can be arranged by emailing to or calling 747-444-1035

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