Golden State Lifeguards to Acquire Chevy Colorado & Sell Ad Space on Vehicle

As the company grows and expands, the senior staff have been busy trying to locate a sponsor in a bid to acquire a Chevy Colorado to be used as a lifeguard patrol. The company is also actively trying to find companies that would like to purchase ad space on the vehicle on a monthly basis to help offset the costs associated with maintenance and usage.

It should be noted that Golden State Lifeguards is seeking a lease return and not a new Colorado that can be converted into a state-of-the-art patrol. Our senior staff will be reaching out to Chevy Trucks, Motorola, Code 3 and a host of others that will be instrumental in making this a reality. We are currently preparing communications for Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet based in Columbus, Ohio. If we get Mark Wahlberg to join our cause, this will certainly open up a whole new set of doors for us.

Chevy Colorado Lifeguard Patrol Concept


The primary function of the Colorado lifeguard patrol will be to visit local schools and help students understand the roles of lifeguards on the job by showing them the equipment that is used in a lifesaving role. The kids will be able to see, touch and hear the patrol giving them an immersive look into what goes into a lifeguard patrol and the lifeguards that drive those patrols. The goal is to motivate kids to be pool or beach lifeguards when they are old enough as there is a national lifeguard shortage that may continue for years to come.

Advertisers will be able to use the lifeguard patrol in its marketing campaigns or for community events. The goal will always be about promoting water safety for families and children as well as raising awareness for the advertisers who are supporting the mission of Golden State Lifeguards. We are hoping to find companies that share our vision to prevent needless drownings.

We also have plans on using the lifeguard patrol for any productions that need such a vehicle in a film or commercial (background or scenes that call for lifeguards) in addition to providing water safety personnel for productions filming on or near bodies of water.

This is an ambitious initiative that hopes to yield a positive response. At the end of the day, the use of the lifeguard patrol will have affected many people in a positive way which is a wonderful goal to strive for.

If you would like to assist us in this endeavor, please email to

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