Golden State Lifeguards – A Year In Restrospect (2019)

As the new year rapidly approaches and as we start to slow down for the year 2019, it has occurred to us that we should recap what can only be described as an exceptional year for Golden State Lifeguards. We want to take the time to share new additions, new partnerships and of course lessons learned. There is so much to share so sit back, relax and come with us on the journey.

2019 started off like any other year however all indicators pointed to what would be an extremely busy year. The one thing that really caught us off guard was the early season bookings which started in March. Typically, the bookings for pool parties would not start until the middle to end of May but this year we had a two month early start. Needless to say, we were blindsided by the increased demand for services. Here we are in the month of November and we are still enjoying bookings into the month of December. Southern California has treated us very well this year and we expect to double the volume of bookings in 2020.

As we started seeing the increased demand for pool party lifeguards and acknowledging that we were short staffed, we had to make a decision to either keep or terminate a contract that would have put an extreme amount of pressure on the company and its resources. For the past four seasons, we have enjoyed a great relationship with the Beach Club located in Santa Monica and have provided them with ocean lifeguards for the kids beach camp. We decided that it would be best to allow one of our colleagues to take over the contract and the only other company that we endorse for ocean lifeguard services. For four years, we loved working with the kids, their parents and of course the great staff at the Beach Club. The decision to let them go was actually the right decision.

This last year we decided to take the company to a new level by establishing new partnerships and adding new services that would allow us to grab more market share in the Southern California region. One of the most dynamic partnerships that was inked was between Golden State Lifeguards and HB Mermaids based in Orange County. Our market research indicated that mermaids were a hot button service going into the year and with a few requests for mermaids, we reached out to Kim Turcotte, the CEO at HB Mermaids to fulfill requests. After a successful event working together, we inked a deal to create a strategic partnership. Part of the new deal also allowed us to start offering pool party game coaches. As far as we gathered, there was only one other company in Los Angeles offering that service so we took the opportunity to become a major player. Since solidifying the partnership, bookings and demand for services has been steady and overwhelming to say the least. Since establishing the partnership, both Golden State Lifeguards and HB Mermaids has had to begin aggressive recruiting for lifeguards, mermaids and game coaches to meet the high demand going into 2020. As of this post, the bookings are already coming in as far as June 2020.

For more information on HM Mermaids, go to

Additionally, Golden State Lifeguards added ocean lifeguard services to California yacht charter companies and started offering poolside monitors for events such as weddings and bar mitzvahs. Again, the response was overwhelming and since have established multiple contracts with some key players. This has allowed us to operate on a year-round basis with no break between seasons.

The last quarter of 2019 was a big one for us as far as film productions are concerned. For two long years or so, filming requests were non-existent until this year. In the month of October into November, we have been booked for back to back productions on feature films as well as a Hulu hit called PEN15. We could not be happier that productions in Los Angeles took a huge turn for the better.

As we look towards 2020, we are planning on adding additional new services making us a one-stop source for aquatics safety and kids’ entertainment. The new services will be aquatics management for hotel or resort pools/beaches, etc., consulting, lifeguard training and community training in subjects such as CPR, bleeding control and more. We are also planning on exhibiting at various community events and festivals to promote drowning prevention and pool/beach safety. Public relations will be a top priority for us!

The lessons we have learned this summer have been invaluable to us and will help us to create a larger footprint in the Southern California region. One of the biggest lessons we learned was that most of our competitors are dropping the ball and thus have upset many potential clients. On numerous occasions, we received calls from distraught clients stating that the “other” company cancelled out on their pool parties just days or even hours before. We have had to pick up the slack too many times but we don’t mind since we have gained a loyal client base by going above and beyond. This practice of “over-booking” has cost our competitors a great deal and the online reviews confirm what we already know of them. We learned never to promise what can’t be delivered!

This summer we learned that customer service goes a long way and to be available at all times when prospects call for service quotes or availability. This we pride ourselves on and we will continue to excel!

Lastly we learned that we are only as successful as the lifeguards we hire. Our team members have given so much to our clients and continue to do so. Our hiring procedures have not let us down and we continue to attract the best of the best. This year we promoted two lifeguards to the rank of Captain and we have more candidates waiting to go through our next lifeguard academy (Class 2020-1). We must be doing something right!!

We are looking forward to another stellar year coming up!! 2020 will be our best year yet!!


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