Drowning Prevention To Be Focus For Lifeguard Chief Ed Castillo

With more sad and tragic news of drownings including the recent drowning death of Bode Miller’s daughter (Emmy), Lifeguard Chief Ed Castillo has begun to ramp up efforts to create an aggressive drowning prevention initiative in the Southern California region (San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley, Ventura County region). The message being delivered is that drownings are preventable and do not have to happen!

Bode Miller’s story: https://youtu.be/v4bU6WCnJ2Y 

Drownings are the number one killer of children under the age of four years old and more can be done to prevent such tragedies. Families have been destroyed and devastated by the deaths of their children due to drowning and for some, healing never comes due to the overwhelming sense of guilt and grief.

As Summer 2018 winds down, Chief Castillo is planning on taking the drowning prevention message to the media via talkshows and newspapers across the nation. Utilizing this medium will hopefully get the message across that all precautions must be taken to avoid tragedy. The recent Bode Miller story has given Chief Castillo the traction he needs to deliver his message and for some, the message is being heard.

Chief Castillo’s strategy also includes reaching out to CEO’s of companies that offer safety products aimed at drowning prevention and reaching out to national retailers of children’s products to get on board with the drowning prevention initiatives. The goal is to be a spokesperson and to help people become aware of the many products that are available to make backyard swimming pools safe for kids and pets alike. There is a lot of work to be done and it will be done!

Additionally, Chief Castillo is creating a non-profit foundation aimed at further promoting drowning prevention and assisting families with free swim lessons for under privileged children in the San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley, and Ventura County region. The foundation will also be exhibiting at numerous community events throughout the year and handing out literature as well as teaching parents “Hands Only CPR”. The foundation seeks to establish strategic partnerships with companies/individuals who share the vision to prevent drownings.


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