Corona Virus Will Not Stop Us!! America is GREAT!!

There is no doubt that anyone reading this is well aware of the Corona Virus outbreak and the National Emergency that has been declared as a result of it. We are also sure that most people including ourselves are quite tired of the 24/7 coverage everywhere we turn whether it is radio, TV or internet. We are also sure that everyone would like to get back to normal activities but more importantly, back to work.

The Corona Virus outbreak has disrupted our lives and especially the economy drastically forcing businesses to shut down. This has resulted in the loss of jobs in unprecedented numbers and the last numbers we have heard is that unemployment is at 20%. Depression and suicidal temptations are rising everyday among people and this spells trouble. It does not help when MSM speaks of “doom & gloom” every chance it gets.

We are encouraging everyone to help slow down the virus outbreak by staying home, strict social distancing and to be patient. We are calling on millennials and generation Z’rs to abide by protocols being established by experts. If we can come together to slow the outbreak and flatten the curve as they say, the sooner we will all get back to our normal activities.

We have been deeply affected by the recent events as the industries we serve have been completely shut down. Anything from film productions to private events have been halted. All of our jobs and contracts in the month of March into April have either cancelled or postponed due to the outbreak. We have had to tell our lifeguard staff to stand down until further notice. We have not let anyone go and in fact they understand that when things are clear, work will return stronger than ever. The good news is that all of our May bookings and contracts have not cancelled or postponed! May looks as strong as ever! A strong May is contingent on whether the Corona Virus can be stopped or slowed down. Only time will tell.

We are letting everyone know that despite the crisis we all face together as a Nation, we are not going anywhere anytime soon. We will continue to book event services and to be optimistic that everything will be just fine. The key is to be patient! We will not abandon our loyal clients who have depended on us to watch their kids for so many years and will continue to be there keeping swimmers/guests safe! We are actually encouraging people to book our services because we all know that when things are back to normal, there will be some great celebrations (pool parties). We are ready!

We want everyone to know that we are the easiest company to book services with. Unlike our competitors:

• We do not require full or partial non-refundable deposits. Never have, never will!
• We do not impose cancellation fees.
• We offer a 15% discount on cash transactions.
• We are available on a year-round basis.

We know that soon, things will be OK!! We are hopeful that we as a nation can heal and repair the damage that was caused by this virus. We fight now and then we will mourn the lives lost later.

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