America is Open for Business!!

Here we are on May 1st, 2020 and after 45 days of the COVID19 lockdowns we are happy to see many states are finally opening up their economies by loosening restrictions on the stay at home orders. This is welcome news for many businesses that have been shuttered suffering the worst economic blow in history. Now the task at hand is to rebuild what has been lost however for some states like California where we are based, the lockdowns continue based on political agendas.

As we write this, Californians are protesting the draconian lockdowns initiated by Governor Newsom and the heat is also on Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti as well. People are out in force today and letting their voices be heard

Every region has seen marked declines in infections and hospitalizations. The curve has been flattened and hospitals are not overwhelmed. In fact many hospital workers are being asked to take pay cuts, being terminated or furloughed. Those being most affected by the virus are those over 65 years of age and those with underlying conditions such as heart disease, respiratory disease and diabetes to name a few. For the rest, may are asymptomatic or when infected, have been minor cases.

Our senior staff has been on the forefront of a movement calling on Governor Newsome and Mayor Garcetti to open up the state and the city. Since the beginning of all the madness, Golden State Lifeguards has had every booking and contract cancel or postpone until fall. We have lost all of March, April and now all of May due to these overreaching lockdowns.

Our staff of lifeguards have been told to stand down during what would normally be a very busy start to the season especially with Memorial Day just around the corner. By now we would have been completely booked for the first holiday of the season. To say that we have taken a hit is definitely an understatement. Well we are telling everyone that we are accepting bookings for small pool parties because after all, the fresh air and sunshine will do some good! WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!

So as the nation begins to open, we have decided to start offering lifeguards for out of state events that require professionals for celebrity or corporate aquatic events. We have begun to start marketing in Arizona, Nevada and even Texas. Additionally we will be offering non-union lifeguards for out of state productions filming in or around water such as pools or beaches.

With changes associated with COVID19 we have started offering one-on-one swim teachers for in-home swim lessons for kids since many aquatic facilities will not be open this summer. We have also started offering private mermaid training for those who want to aspire to be professional performing mermaids.


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